Pre-School Gymnastics

Pre-School Gymnastics

Director:  Karlie Hansen:

ASC provides children 12 months old through kindergarten an opportunity to develop an enjoyment of physical recreation by transferring thoughts and ideas into movement. We offer a safe, fun, age appropriate environment for each child to develop their own abilities. The skills of tumbling, swinging, balancing, jumping, rhythm, and eye-hand coordination are all included in our sessions and tv box android of gymnastics. Some of the psychological qualities that are developed through the sport of gymnastics are: high self-esteem, physical courage, determination, perseverance, expressiveness and self confidence. The skills also teach how to deal with frustration and focus on the skill at hand. The discipline required to master each skill will be carried over into all areas of the child’s life.

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  1. Diaper Dare Devils (Mom, Dad & Me) (walking – 3 years)
    This is a 45 minute class for little ones ages walking to three years old. This parent participation class introduces group activity, sharing, and taking turns. Students work on gross motor skills such as jumping, rolling, and hanging–all with parent help and reassurance.
  2. Tiny Twisters (3 1/2 to 4 years)
    This class is for ages 3 1/2 to 4 years old. The class is designed for learning gymnastics skills on a level suited for the age and ability of the child. They will have the opportunity to try almost everything in the gym; floor, bars, beam, fast track and more. This class is designed without parent participation.
  3. Super Twisters (4-5 years)
    At this level, handstand, cartwheel, backward rolls, bridges, different kinds of jumps and solid landings are all part of the tumbling work. Bar skills such as pullovers, forward rolls and front supports will aid in strength and agility.
  4. Mini Flips (5-6 years)
    This is an hour-long class. The student is required to attend class twice a week. Students are invited to join the class by the coach. This class was designed for the students who have the potential to learn high level skills and have high attention during class. The class serves as a transfer between the preschool and the competitive programs.

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